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At AARS we do voluntary and involuntary repossessions, door knocks, investigation, etc. Two of our trucks are equipped with "sneaker" lifts so not to alert the neighbors and to be as nondescript as possible. Our goal is not to embarrass anyone when doing a repossession. Respect, respect, respect is the key to our professional service. We've had debtors call in and tell us how nice our agents were, nothing like they see on TV...

We service all of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. We have several secure lots located throughout New England, all of which have 24/7 video monitoring. We have a $5,000,000 bond, $1,000,000 insurance and also carry "wrongful repossession" insurance which most companies do not, due to the cost. We have not had a loss, accident, theft, or damage to any of the vehicles we have repossessed. We offer free storage to all banks and credit unions.

When it’s time to file a claim with us we utilize Recovery Database Network for our claim processing and management, an industry leader. We will maintain complete confidentiality of your information, something you may want to confirm before entering information on some of our competitors websites.
professional associations
Professional associations we belong to include: Allied Financial Adjusters, American Recovery Association, Better Business Bureau, Dun and Bradstreet, Ipswich Chamber of Commerce, Ipswich Better Business Bureau, Mass Auto Dealers Association, National Federation of Independent Business, New England Adjustment Managers Association, and the North Shore Chamber of Commerce.

As a member of the Allied Financial Adjusters see the
YouTube video that provides details of the advantages of using us for "no damage - no drama" repossessions. The video will open in a new window, just close the window to return to our website.

We are certified by Recovery Compliance Solutions, members of the Recovery Database Network
members of the Recovery Database Network and Time Finance Adjusters, and utilize Digital Recognition Systems (DRN).

We belong to multiple national associations and can help with any repossession initiated nationally for our service area.
 American Asset Recovery Specialists, LLC BBB Business Review